Coming back soon

Hello dear readers!

it has been quite some time since I update my blog or posted any thing on my blog.. Let’s say more than five years already.. The reason I started blogging was to keep my friends & familiy updated while I was abroad in Asia: studying in China and doing an intership in Taiwan.. And ofcourse a little bit of travelling. I must say I succeeded the first half year by posting frequently, but after those six months I did not post anymore blogs or pictures or anything, because I lost my mojo and didn’t feel like writing anymore because I spoke my friends & family on a regular basis. Anyways, five years later I think I’m going to restart my blog. Haven’t put too much thought into about what kind of posts I will publish though. ┬áThere are sooooo many beauty, travel and lifestyle blogs these days, which makes it hard for any blogger to stand out now a days. If I feel like writing or post something on my blog, it will be some random post about me or random thoughts or random music or random places, anything random.

Anyways, it’s almost summer and for the past few weeks the weather has been changing from extremely warm (according to Dutch standards: up to 27 degrees) to extremely cold: rainy days for days. Can we ever have a normal rain-free summer?